Service Strategies can help you design or redesign your service and support organization for maximum efficiency. We will evaluate the current organizational structure, interview key management personnel and determine if the current functional structure is aligned to meet your future strategic objectives.

Our Approach
Service Strategies’ consultants will conduct a high level assessment and provide a report outlining our recommendations for restructuring the organization. We will also provide an implementation plan that will help you:

  • Streamline the Organization Structure
  • Define Span of Control and Accountability
  • Develop Measurable Management Objectives
  • Create Key Performance Indicators and Scorecards
  • Implement Incentive Compensation and Reward Plans
  • Assist in Developing Management Position Descriptions
  • Assist in Defining Management Skills and Training Requirements

In conjunction with the organizational re-alignment, processes and operating procedures are examined to determine if they are enabling the organization to deliver the most efficient service at the right level of quality to customers.