• Political parties manifesto and constitutional development
  • Political campaign strategy development
    Inner out Consulting House works with political parties to deepen their abilities to identify opportunities to organize, refine messaging, and build on campaign skills.  Political strategy isn’t the concept or plan alone.  It also involves the follow through and skills that make it happen.
  • Election analysis and governance
  • Public opinion research

Our clients have great instincts, but instinct needs affirmation or greater depth gained through opinion research. Working through our network of partners, we bring the right mix together to field quantitative (polling) and qualitative (focus and discussion groups).  Thorough analysis provides our clients with clarity and we are able to help translate that clarity into action.

  • Design communication strategies for political campaigns
  • Governance Consulting
    we have a solid background advising political leaders, elected and appointed governors, Inner out consulting house works to develop institutional capacity.  Whether assisting members of county assembly, governors and members of parliament in establishing office routine.