Project Monitoring and Evaluation

The Monitoring and Evaluation of project performance focuses on the record of information related to the project assessment of project implementation process (inputs), activities and outputs and performance. It also entails evaluation of their results in terms of relevance, effectiveness sustainability and impact in promoting the adoption of sustainable practices of the project. Inner Out Consulting House limited undertakes data collection to enable our clients, the project management and stakeholders:

i) To track at regular time intervals the activities achieved (compare planned/versus achieved) and assess effects of both external factors and internal project operations;

ii) To assess results (outputs), lessons learnt, and solutions to assist our clients keep project on track.

During the process we undertake a number of activities based on the client’s needs. These include;

  • Train local level M&E focal points on data collection methodologies to report and provide information on project activities
  • Develop M&E reporting tools (forms) for clients. This ensures systematic collection recording and compilation of information at all levels of project implementation.
  • Provide training on report writing and assist clients in the development of technical and field reports
  • Provide advisory expertise on M&E framework development and project design
  • Assist clients in Baseline Assessments/situational analysis, Mid-Term Evaluations, End of Project Evaluations and Impact Evaluations

The ability to understand the outcomes of programs and the impact of intervention relies on systematic evaluation and the ability to provide informed analysis. We at Inner Out Consulting House have years of experience monitoring and evaluating programs for private and public institutions as well as NGOs.